My work in policy has focused on the evaluation of interventions to mitigate or prevent conflict and analysis of humanitarian response. An overview of my policy work can be found on my CV. Examples of recent projects include:

Program Evaluation

I was hired as a consultant by Social Impact to assist with the evaluation of an USAID-funded governance program implemented by the International Rescue Committee in 2012-2013 in Mutare and Mutasa Districts in Zimbabwe. See here for the evaluation report. In this role I worked with the Principal Investigator Kate Baldwin (Yale Political Science) to develop survey measures on sensitive topics such as partisanship and experiences with illicit electoral strategies such as vote buying or coercion. I also trained the 40-person enumerator team on these measures and the protection of human subjects. I have worked in similar roles on evaluations of development projects in Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia.

Policy Analysis

In 2013 I served as the lead researcher for the UN Office for the Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs on World Humanitarian Data and Trends, an annual publication using quantitative data to track trends in humanitarian assistance. This publication was launched at the World Humanitarian Summit in December 2013 and can be downloaded here. This project was a follow-on consultancy to a 2012 UN OCHA flagship publication that I contributed to, Humanitarianism in the Network Age, which assessed how new information and communication technologies can be used to improve humanitarian response to disasters and conflict.